Content of the winter package

The winter clothing package for Ukrainian frontline soldiers was developed in collaboration with the Ukrainian Military of Defence Attache in Denmark and the Ukrainian Ambassador. The package has been approved by the Military of Defence in Ukraine (UAMoD) without remarks. Since the first delivery in November 2022, there have been numerous transports. We have received many comments and thanks from Ukraine, and they have actually renamed the package to Deluxe. In the last 6 months, UAMoD has inquired 12 times about further delivery. Therefore, we are starting the collection again.

All products undergo strict quality control during production and in Denmark at Scandic Defence’s factory before packing into separate size packages for each soldier.

For example, the M65 winter uniform set is lined with 2 layers of microfleece so it can keep out the frost. The waterproof Arctic sleeping bag is produced with 3.5 kilograms of fleece filling, so it can keep warm down to minus 38 degrees Celsius.

All woolen products are either Microfleece or wool. The military boots are leather and withstand high cold temperatures. They are also produced as safety boots. The poncho can be used in heavy rain and can also be stretched out into a bivouac. The gloves are approved and have reinforcement at the knuckles and sensitive fingers so that weapons can be operated optimally.

In addition to winter products, we have decided to donate other protective products, which will be included with each delivery: M88, Fast Assault, and Mich Helmets, all level NIJ IIIA, approved and tested by the EU-authorized Ballistic Organ, as well as a bulletproof vest covering a large area of the body. The vest is classified NIJ Level IV and is the highest protection a soldier can achieve. Currently, only 3% of soldiers in Ukraine have bulletproof vests.